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Zack's Magic Decks

Various decks I have (or had), sorted by type:

Type 1:

Need for Speed deck!!

This deck uses the classic direct damage and fastest creatures in magic to break the Magic Speed barrier!! Using 12 bolts (/incinerates/chain lightnings), 4 Psionic Blasts, and 2 Hammer of Bogarden, this deck has plenty of creature control and damage capabilities. Backing this up are 4 Juggernauts, 4 Serendib Efreets, 2 Serendib Djinns, 2 Emberwilde Caliph and 4 Mishra's Factories, for great creature attack. Moxes + a Lotus help speed this deck up, along with massice card drawers, Wheel of Fortune, Timetwister, and Ancestral Recall. Created with Mirage as latest set. Still in use.

Type 1.5:

Vise-Bind-Land Destruction

This deck is a mutant of the once amazingly power ViseAge deck, which unfortunately lots most every card to the loss of Ice Age in type 2. However, this new deck works great with control, and the ability to use 4 vises. The premis of this deck is to hold off your opponent with Direct Damage, Creeping Molds, Pillage, Stone Rain, and other disruption spells. Drop Vise at beginning of the game if possible, to quickly knock them down a few points. Later, take control of the board with a Stormbind/Howling Mine combo, and eventually kill them with some Wildfires, the Stormbind, Direct Damage, or a rabid Hammer of Bogarden ;) This deck is rather nasty. Other versions use more creatures as an early defence instead of land destruction, as Jungle Trolls are nearly impossible to kill.Created with Mirage/Visions as latests sets. Still in use.

Type 2:

Sligh Deck

I have always loved mono-red, and always new this type of deck was very powerful (though I didn't know why until recently) because I built my sister a deck like this that always seemed to win (a loooong time ago). Anyway, this deck uses reusable sources of direct damage to help control the board, much as the Stormbind would in the deck above. Using Orcish Artilleries, Brothers of Fire, and a pair of Reckless Embermages, (along with 4 bolts/4 incinerates/2 hammers/2 fireballs) this deck can get rid of most any creature threat. It gets quick kills with weenies (Goblin Baloon Brigade, Goblin Elite Infantry, and Mox Monkey among a few), and after a few turns has enough steam still to drop a Storm Shaman or Brothers, to start with massive damage. The reusable damage sources really helps with card advantage, as you don't have to cast a spell to kill a weenie. Created with Mirage as latest set, and still in use.

Speed Creature Blaster

This has to be one of the fastests decks I have ever built. Getting out an Elf or Bird of Paradise 1st turn is what helps this deck get rolling. Using green's fast creature ability, and reds burn to clear the field, this deck gets the bad boys out quickly. With 4 Erhnams, 4 Yavimya Ants, 2 Nettletooths, and some quicker Elvish Arcers and Whirling Dervishes, this deck speeds right through the enemy line. Bolt/Incinerate/Fireball along with Pillage (and soon Creeping Mold) for disruption. Deck was most effective when Ice Age was still tournament legal, as it packed Stormbind, Lhurgoyf, and Jokulhaups as a reset button.However, it still works in mirage, and so it is still in use.


Using mana elves to help establish a quick start, this deck tries to drop a big creature then armageddon, leaving the opponent defenceless for a few turns. Elves and Sylvan Library help the geddon player recover quicker, and Vision's new Bull Elephant and creeping mold should become staples in this deck type, to replace the erhnam and Swords to Plowshares that are leaving with 4th edition. Other variants of this deck use Maro or "untouables" (Autumn Willow, Deadly Insects, Jolrael's Centaur) right before the Armageddon. Created when Ice Age was out (in responce to the supremecy of Necro decks), it is still viable (and very good) in the mirage/vissions era.

"Bizaar o' World"

This deck is a mutant of the winning Browse/Digger deck, with a few notable differences. Using the Bazaar along with various counterspells, this deck can ofen deny your opponent of any cards. Black is used for an early defence, and a good late game offence if you can't deck your opponent. Hypnotic Specters helps feul the Bazaar, and keeps the number of cards needed to be countered at a low. Also 2 damage a turn is nothing to sneeze at. Phantasmal Fiends go from an early blocker of Ernies and Nettletooths, to a 5 point hit. Dark Banishing is great creature control, as are control magics. Millstone and Vision Charm help the bazaar and help deck your opponent at the same time. Soldevi Diggers helps you get around the bazaar, and Desertion stops 1 of their spells, and occasionally gives you a good blocker. This deck is made for post visions use, and the return of Zur's Weirding in 5th will REALLY help this deck.


Considered one of the most boring decks by many, this type of Stasis deck is the most effective of any. It suffered a major blow with the loss of pain lands from Ice Age, but has still managed to survive with City of Brass. Centered around a Stasis/Kismet lock, this deck uses Howling Mines and Boomerangs to get around the Stasis's "cumulative upkeep". With MANY counterspells, and disenchants, StPs, and oter removal/denial spells, this deck is very disruptive. Mainly designed for play around the release of alliances, this deck is still semi-popular today.

Decks to be added later:

Type 1:

Weisman deck



Type 1.5:

NetherVoid land destruction

Necropotence deck

Type 2:




Mirage only:



Mesa heaven

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