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I'm not going to waste space on my page with a zillion links, so I will give you one link that can lead you anywhere you want to go on the net. To find this Organized Comprehensive Magic Resource list, travel here.

Ok, maybe one link: Snorre's Magic Page (not for the color blind)

Ok fine, I'll add a second. This is a local card store that is pretty cool: Brave New Worlds.

Breaking News:

Vision, the next expansion for magic, a subset to the latest set Mirage, has been scheduled to be released Febuary 3rd. Wizards of the Coast has already held prerelease tournaments, and released some preview cards in the Multiverse gift set. Each set contains two preview packs of visions, from a 25 card set. Visions promises to be a great expansion, with amazing cards such as Pillar Tombs Aku, Creeping Mold, City of Solitude, Desertion, and Lightning Cloud, among others. To see the complete spoiler, go here.

Effective January 1st: Two major changes to Type 2 magic occured on the. 1st, the subsets Ice Age and Fallen Empires were rotated out of the type 2 card mix, making room for Mirage and Alliances. In March, Homelands will leave to give Visions room. This promises to shake up the tournament scene because many decks will have to adapt, and many new deck types will be born. Also, Wizards has announced that all cards previously on the Type 2 restricted list (Vise, Tower, Balance, Land Tax, etc.) will be put on the type 2 banned list.

Looking for online magic? Download Netmagic or Apprentice , then email me!! If you are part of the Planeswalkers league, tell me. If not, join.

Want to see what type of new decks are out there? Want to help someone's deck,and see how it works at the same time? Then come here to my deck critique page.

I have always loved reading tournament reports. If you do too, go here.

Usernet Magic Newsgroups and mailing lists!!!

To join the mailing lists, send an email to with no subject, and in the body of the letter type: SUBSCRIBE MTG-XXXXX-L <Your Name>
XXXXXX=The name of the list you want to join, either MTG-STRATEGY-L, MTG-L, or a few others (I can't remember now :(

If you want to see some of what goes on at mtg-strategy-l, here is my archive of the best articles from 1/27/97 on.

My decks can now be found here.

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