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What's new in my life?

New stuff:

4/21/97: Finally got a chance to update some of my pages. Damn some of my stuff was out of date. Oh, and happy Passover to all the other Jews out there (well, maybe not so happy :( Flyers are up 2-0 on the Penquins the 1st round of Sir Stanley's playoffs. Oh, and I got 2 As, 2 Bs, and a C on my last report card (all in all pretty good).

4/7/97: I celebrated my birthday today. Actually, I didn't do anything special, but hey, I'm 14 now :^)

2/19 and 2/22: Happy Birthday Mom and Natalie (only sibling).

Older "New stuff":

1/25/97: Playing hockey against the Glaciers, I am boarded (a penalty; checking someone from around 2' away from a statioary object into that object [the boards, the goalpost, etc...]) and my shoulder hits the boards in a bad way, while going after the puck in the corner. My dad drives me over to the hospital, where x-rays show I have a broken coller (sp) bone : (   I can't play sports for 6 weeks, and I have to where a brace over my shoulders and on my back for a month : () Well, at least my team won (4-2).

1/26/97: The Cheese heads (Packers) defeat the Patriots 35-21 in Comercial Bowl (err, Superbowl) XXXI (31). Recods broken: 5 (I think). Comercials Cindy Crawford appeared in: At least 4 different ones.  : ) Different Pepsi comercials: Was it 8? Or more? Total advertisement $$ spent by Budwiser: Enough to buy half of the Chinese population brand new condos (Why did they have a blimp outside a dome covered stadium????).

2/8/97: I am going to a Gray Matters magic tournament, and hope to win something ($$$).

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